Onsite Photo Booth

Included with All Photo Booth Rentals

  • High Quality

We have researched and built the highest quality photo booth. Period. From the camera, the software, to the knowledge of the professional assistant; you know you are getting the best luxury photo booth. Every aspect has been research, analyzed, and compared to bring you the highest quality possible.

  • Background Color Choice

Your choice of background color in the photo booth
Hard Work

  • Setup and Teardown
  • Professional Photo Booth Assistant

All rentals come with a professional photo assistant to setup, make prints, entertain, and tear down. No need to worry about taking care of the photo booth, we got it covered!

  • Photo Options

Choose between Black/White or Color each time you enter the photo booth

  • Prints/Originals

All original images uploaded to our Secure Website so you can download and use as you would like

  • Graphics

Custom Graphics on the photos that are printed

  • Props, Props, and More Props

We have all kinds of props for your enjoyment and if you have something in mind you can bring your own props.

  • Unlimited Prints

How big is your event? Each session in the photo booth gets one print. There is no limit on the number of sessions.

  • Scrapbook

This is very popular. It was once offered as an upgraded, but is now included with all photo booth rentals. Two 2"x6" photos are printed for each session in the photo booth. One is for guest to glue in your scrapbook and write a special note to you. The other photo is for your guest to keep as a wedding favor:) The scrapbook is a memory that will be cherished for generations!

  • Travel*

All travel is include with every photo booth rental within a 100 miles. Contact us if you fall outside of the area.